We are a network of leading corporations, academic institutions and public agencies from across Northeast Ohio. Together, we create conversations and connections that drive solutions to one of the most critical issues for quality of life on our planet - water quality and access.

Housed in the Great Lakes Science Center, our programs, events and research spur new ideas, relationships, regional initiatives, market opportunities and economic growth. Through the Alliance, information informs solutions and solutions are implemented through the strengths of our partners and members. By bringing together the different sectors of business, universities and research institutions, government  and non-profit, the Alliance draws on the strengths of each institution and organization. It also distributes the responsibility by creating a community-wide effort to improve our quality of life through improving our economy and water quality.

Mission:  The Cleveland Water Alliance helps to foster economic growth related to water through education and outreach, research and development, and sound public policy.

Vision: To be the global leader in collaborative solutions in freshwater technology and stewardship.